Yards Brewing Company

Our office got a little (okay, a lot) excited when Yards asked us for some bus wrap ideas. Because we love beer, and not just beer, but Philly-local Yards beer, we decided to wow their pants off with more than a bus wrap. We added social elements and our patented charm.  Our designs were chosen, but ultimately not executed due to budget constraints.  Either way, my partner and I celebrated our success with some suds.

Copywriter: Adrienne Mauro

Graphic Designer: Gina Swindler

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Rallying Cry

 We are creating a rallying cry for Philly. Ben Franklin is shouting to Philadelphians to Love Thy City and Love Thy Beer!

LoveThyBeer Bus Wrap

LoveThyBeer Bus wrap 2

LoveThyBeer BUS KING2

Social Extensions:

LoveThyBeer Social

6 Degrees to Yards

Yards is basically the Kevin Bacon of Philadelphia. Everyone is connected to Yards in some way. From Phillies games, to beer donations at events, to the lanes you’ve bowled on – Yards is part of Philadelphia.

6degreesToYards Bus wrap flat

6degreesToYards Bus wrap

6degreesToYards Bus king

Social Extension:

6degreesToYards Title

6degreesToYards Question

6degreesToYards Answer