Laser Cat

The Art Directors Club approached us to help them drum up interest in their 93rd Annual Festival of Art + Craft in Advertising and Design. The festival only offers 300 tickets and is sure to boast some industry rock stars. Oh, and they’re giving away one of those 300 spots – an all-inclusive pass worth $2000. That’s a lot of rent and beer money.

Given the exclusivity of only 300 available spots, we came up with the concept that you could “Win the Chance to be the Dumbest Guy in the Room.” It might sound negative, but given the crowd, it’s actually quite an honor to be in the same room as some of these agency shmucks.

Since the ADC already created Laser Cat (ya know, a cat that projects art work out of its eyes) we decided to work with that and make an 8-bit style quiz with questions that will confuse, shock, insult, and ultimately put you in the position to win that ticket.

Copywriter: Adrienne Mauro
Art Director: Bob Cassella