Fairmount Park Ale

Philly loves beer gardens in the summer. I mean, who doesn’t? This summer, Yards partnered up with The Oval to create a one-of-a-kind summertime brew called Fairmount Park Ale. They came to us for the tap sticker and surrounding branding.  Yards loved the idea of including vintage maps of Fairmount Park as well as anything to truly drive home the uniqueness of our beloved Park. My partner and my designs were not selected, but we still thought they were pretty rad.

Copywriter: Adrienne Mauro

Graphic Designer: Gina Swindler

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Furry Beer Mascots

Yards’ Fairmount Park Ale is so good, everyone is talking about it – even the Park’s furry inhabitants. We gave Fairmount Park Ale some summertime mascots from the Park itself. Each animal is as diverse as Philly locals are themselves and excited to share this summertime brew.





Brand Extensions:



What Goes Into a Good Beer

 Come explore what goes into a Yards’ Fairmount Park Ale – a little bit of hops, a nice breeze off the Schuylkill, and of course some brotherly love. We illustrated, using map elements, what goes into a good summer and good beer. The perfect summer beer can transport you to perfect summertime bliss, and this summer, it’s found at The Oval.

Summers Finest

Summers Finest Tap

Summers Finest On Tap

Brand Extensions:

Before the Oval events began, we sent out a Summer Beersploration Kit to local Philly foodies, beer aficionados, and event curators. The kit came housed in a vintage suitcase, outfitted with travel stickers, Yards stickers, and of course our new Fairmount Park Ale logo. Inside, our blogger buddies found all sorts of ways to explore our city of brotherly love this summer with a crisp Yards in hand.  Each blogger received a customized map to The Oval, a Field Notes book to jot down any observations or tasting notes, a compass, and two beer tickets good for Fairmount Park Ale at The Oval.

Summers Finest Extension